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 “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”


Two by Two Animal Hospital was in need of a website refresh in 2021. The previous design was created by an app company that provided a website featurette to the app "package". When Two by Two decided to move away from the app they had been subscribed to, they were - by default - in need of a new website. 

The "app site" contained valuable information about the clinic: what clients could expect during their pet's visit, services offered, resources to external articles, and more! However, the overall look and feel of the website was very "template"--lacking customary elements and individualistic flare.


To combat the template look, I introduced interactive elements and pet owner focused photography giving users an inclusive, familiar feeling - mirroring the experience of a visit at Two by Two!

Below is a list of other websites I have designed
(e-commerce and online booking is also a feature I can include with your website):

Eastern Michigan Arabian Association

Fluid Motion Equine, LLC

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Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 21.41.02.png
Branding Suite
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Dock Diving Trading Card
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Booklets & Progams
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Billboard Design
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Campaign Cards
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Vehicle Decals & Wraps
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Menu Design
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Logo Design
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Children's Art
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I can provide support to all aspects of your marketing goals. Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting up with the need of a logo design, or whether you represent a corporation that would like to see  consistency in their branding, I am the answer to your google search. 

Working with me will give you the opportunity to simplify your goals. I will design all of your needs from printed media (postcards, business cards, flyers) to digital media (social media graphics, web banners, and more).

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