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Inspired by their namesake, we created this logo for Bullock Button Company. We knew the company planned to build their branding strategy with us, so we were sure to design the logo with the ability to be applied in various applications.

During the development process, we presented different layouts and color schemes. The company chose to further develop four of the options and narrowed the design down to the final logos above.



mangonadas - transparent background.png

The owners of Las Mangonadas needed a logo for their new ice cream shop. As an ice cream addict, I could not pass up this opportunity to assist them. Las Mangonadas, named after a signature Mexican refreshment, sells homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt in downtown Coloma, MI, 


Las Mangonadas owners' primary language is Spanish. The Women's Business Center in Benton Harbor, MI played a key role in bringing this logo to life, by assisting with translation. 


We help many entrepreneurs convert their raster files (jpg. png. gif .tif.) into vector files (.pdf .eps .ai .svg).

Raster images are commonly used on websites and letter heads -- they typically are a static size and when "blown up" may get pixelated or blurry. This is when a vector file of your logo or design will come in handy! Vector files can be scaled to any size -- no matter how big or small-- and maintain the visual integrity of your logo.

So go ahead, sign up to sponsor that 30 foot banner, and send us an email to get your project started.

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