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Two by Two Animal Hospital, located in Berrien Springs, Michigan, was in need of a website refresh in 2021. The previous design was created by an app company that provided a website featurette to the app "package". When Two by Two decided to move away from the app they had been subscribed to, they were - by default - in need of a new website. 

The "app site" contained valuable information about the clinic: what clients could expect during their pet's visit, services offered, resources to external articles, and more! However, the overall look and feel of the website was very "template"--lacking customary elements and individualistic flare.


To combat the template look, I introduced interactive elements and pet owner focused photography = giving users an inclusive, familiar feeling - mirroring the experience of a visit at Two by Two!

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Eastern Michigan Arabian Association (EMAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Arabian and Half-Arabian horses. The EMAA Board of Directors posted a position for a website manager back in 2015. At the time, the site was out-of-date. It lacked mobile compatibility,
e-commerce function, and was unnecessarily over crowded with text. This limited their member outreach, interaction, and participation.

In 2015, I updated the old website for them, introducing mobile compatibility, easy file access, and an opportunity to purchase memberships and event tickets online, and improved the SEO for the club on search engines. This not only lead to an increase in overall membership involvement, but also increased the number of club members substantially. 

In 2021, I proposed an update to the site to streamline user experience and amplify ease of access to important show documents, news and events, and contact resources. This was approved by the EMAA board and launched before the 2021 show season began -- A new year + post pandemic = A fresh, new look!​


Bullock Button Company is a locally owned business, that needed a website with e-commerce capabilities to sell their pins, magnets, and bottle openers at wholesale pricing. They also wanted to offer customers design services, and showcase their products' use in specific industries. I created a mobile friendly user experience that is informative, and established a straight-forward ordering system for their products.

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Let's talk about the goals you have for your website.

What do you like? What would you like to see?


This is a tool to visualize the website layout before the design process begins.


You provide any images, videos or any other assets you would like to include on your website.


Once the goals of your site are in focus and assets are selected, your site goes into production.


Show your site to the world.

I can manage the site for you or teach you how to manage it yourself.

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