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Farrier Services

Hoof Care is an Art!

In 2024, I graduated from the Michigan Horseshoeing Institute and earned my Certification for Apprentice Level II Farrier through the BWFA (Brotherhood of Working Farriers Association). Whether you have miniature horses, donkeys, ponies, light horses, or draft horses, I will provide them with the hoof care they need to live a healthy and sound life. 

Animal Love


Each horse I work with is approached calmly and with respect. I will do my best to ensure that your horse's experience with me is a good one.

Steering Wheel


I am located in Hartford, MI, but I am often on the road. Please refer to this map to review current service area.

Horse Legs


I will make sure your horse's foot and bony alignment is at it's natural angle. If the hoof isn't where it needs to be, neither is your horse!

Horse Stall Portrait

Horse Behavior

You must have control of your horse during the trim. Otherwise, you must provide sedation or get your horse trained to keep your farrier safe. 

Weekly Notes


For best results and efficiency of trims, I require scheduling every 4 - 6 weeks. If you want to work with me, you must be willing to be on this schedule. 



At this time, I provide cold shoeing services. I can apply steel or aluminum shoes with or without quarter clips. I do not do corrective shoeing, pads or toe clips at this time (soon though)!

Service Request Form - I am out on injury until further notice, but please fill out form if you're interested in working together and I will reach out once I am cleared to work!

Please fill out this form completely so I can get some insight on your horse(s) and current farrier situation.
For "Service Area", please refer to this map. Please be honest!

Service Area:
Number of Equines:
Primary Use(s):
Horse Perspective:
I want to be on:
Service Expectations:

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch with in 48 hours.

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